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Your Bucket of REAL GEMS is waiting!  Call or visit today! (828)367-8330   GEM MINING BUCKET SIZES AND PRICES     We are proud to offer indoor and outdoor gem mining, so we are open rain or shine all year

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Searching_for_Treasure We are proud to offer indoor and outdoor mining. We are open RAIN or SHINE all year long!

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Our Pisgah Forest Location3338 Asheville HwyPisgah Forest, NC 28768828-367-8330pfgems@gmail.comOur Hendersonville Location507 North Main StreetHendersonville, NC

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Welcome to the 72nd Apple Festival!

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This year marks the 72nd Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC.   The Festival will run thru Labor Day and end with a Parade down Main Street.   There are lots of apple growers selling great apples.  Honey Crisp apples are going fast.  You can find fresh pressed apple juice and cider as well as fresh hot apple pies.   There are also many craft booths selling all hand made gifts.  Find that perfect gift for that special someone.

There are music groups on the main stage at the Old Historic Courthouse with dancing late into the evening.  Many food vendors can be found with great barbecue,  turkey legs, corn on the cob and the popular fresh churned Hit ‘n Miss Ice Cream.

Come check it all out and while you are here, drop by the gem mine and get a bucket of gem dirt or check out all of our new jewelry and gifts.  Hope to see you this weekend!


Daryl and Lisa

FEI World Equestrian Games

Come Gem Mining

while in the area to see

The 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games


Come join us in the mountains this summer for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC ! Dates: Sep 11, 2018 – Sep 23, 2018. Over 70 nations will be represented.  This is the equivalent of the Olympics for horses.   This will be the largest sporting event in the USA this year and the fourth largest in the world.


The World Equestrian Games occur once every 4 years falling on the off years between the Olympics.  Live and taped coverage will be available on NBC.  Day and week passes are now available with individual event tickets coming soon.  In addition, general admission tickets to the grounds including restaurants,  exhibition rings and vendor outlets will be available for every day for $20. For more information you can go to Tryon2018.


Tryon Equestrian Center in Tryon, NC is finishing up all of their new construction for the games.  By September, they are scheduled to have 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and resaurants on property as well as a village of tiny houses.   They will also have as many as 16 arenas for competition and exhibition.  Some of these will seat from 2000-17,000 spectators!


While you are in the area for the games, be sure to drop by the gem mine for some relaxation and fun.  What better combination than horse riding and gem mining!   We hope to see you in September.  Get your tickets early and make a plan to come thru Hendersonville or Pisgah Forest to see us on your way to Tryon.  Come in and show us your Equestrian pride and we will give you $5 off any 4 gallon or larger mining bucket!  We hope to see you at the sluice soon! Happy riding!

For more information on mining with us Click Here.

Staurolite Crystal Crosses


Staurolite Crosses

     New to the Gem Mine!  Staurolite Crystal Crosses are a very unique mineral.  They are only known to exist in a few places in the world,  One of those places is  here in the Blue Ridge Mountains!  This fall, we met Don Hopkins, from Patrick County, Va.   Don has searched for and collected Staurolite Crystals for the better part of his life.  We have been fortunate enough to secure a large portion of his museum collection for our patrons at Pisgah Forest Gem Mine.  It is not often that museum quality specimens come available for sale at reasonable prices but here they are!   We have finished cross pendants as well as rough Staurolite and Staurolite in matrix.  Come check them out before they are gone!




Salt Lamps- Do they work to clean the air?


Salt Lamps.  You see them everywhere now, but do you have one in your house?  What are the advantages to having one, what size do you need, and are they really effective?  We have been doing some research and have found some amazing and interesting facts about a salt lamps function and usability.

Most salt lamps on the market come from the Himalayan Mountains and are carved right out of the massive salt deposits found there.  They come in all sizes and shapes.  We see them white, yellow, orange.   Some people think that the darker the better, but as Salt Lamp effectiveness goes, there is not much difference.   The action or usefulness of salt lamps comes from the salts ability to produce negative ions.  These ions are produced when salt (NaCl) comes in contact with water and heat. As the salt heats up and absorbs water, it evaporates adding water and negative ions back into the air.

There are many pollutants floating around in our air.  Many of these are positive ions, like carbon dioxide,  that has lost an electron.  These charged molecules in your home can lead to poor health if not eradicated.   Research has found that even your HVAC system (heat pump) produces tons of positive ions during the process of heating and cooling your home.  “Sick Building Syndrome” is a state of poor health and depression that is seen often in large communal buildings and high rise apartments. This sickness is thought to be a result of all of the positive ions being produced by heating and cooling of the building.  What can we do to clear these pollutants?  Filters can clear a lot of the particulate matter in the air, but you need to add negative ions to finish the job.

Have you ever noticed how clean the air feels after a storm?  Ever wonder why the ocean breeze always feels fresh?  Water interaction with heat (lightening) and salt (ocean)  produces negative ions which clear the air naturally!  This is what a salt lamp can bring to your home or place of business.  Salt lamps slowly absorb water from the atmosphere.  By heating them up with an incandescent bulb,  you can recreate the natural reaction to release negative ions into your room!  Negative ions with absorb positive ions and leave the air cleaner and fresher.  But what size do you need to do the job?  A good rule of thumb is to have a 1 kilogram lamp for every 10 square meters of space in the room. In real life terms that means:

2-4kg lamp – 20 – 40sqm – A workstation or small treatment room
4-6kg lamp – 40 – 60sqm – A small bedroom or standard office
6-8kg lamp – 60 – 80sqm – A small living area or medium sized bedroom
10-13kg lamp – 100 – 130sqm – An average sized living area or large bedroom
13-16kg lamp – 130 – 160sqm – A medium sized entertainment area or meeting room
16-20kg lamp – 160 – 200sqm – An average sized open plan office
20-25kg lamp – 200 – 250sqm – A large living area or a small to medium cafe or restaurant
25-30kg lamp – 250 – 300sqm – A very large open plan home or office  

For those of us here in the US a kg is equal to 2.2 lbs

The usefulness of salt lamps is well documented.  Most experts suggest having at least one lamp in every room of your home that is artificially heated or cooled.  Leave them on as much as possible.  They only produce negative ions when being heated, and if they cool they can “sweat,” leaving a salty puddle around the base.   If you are in the store, check out our great values on our lamps.

Teen Live ’16


Pisgah Forest Gem Mine will host the first Teen Live’16 gathering for middle school and high school youth on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 7:00pm on the gem mine grounds at 3338 Asheville Highway in Pisgah Forest, NC 28768.

This event is free and open to the public, and is designed for both middle school and high school students from all of our surrounding counties.

We are Daryl and Lisa Waldrop, owners of Pisgah Forest Gem Mine in Pisgah Forest, NC. Since opening the gem mine in May 2015, our vision has been to offer a community teen night, possibly once a month. Our goal is to provide place off campus for teens to come together and worship our Lord! We want the focus to be lifting up Jesus and making Him known.

There will be snacks, worship music, games, and a message by Justin Alexander, youth minister at Hendersonville First Baptist Church.

Bring a friend and come out July 24th and be a part of the first Teen Live ’16! It is an event you will not want to miss!


Daryl and Lisa Waldrop

Pisgah Forest Gem Mine


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How do you Mine?

Ever wonder, “how do you mine for gems and minerals?

Well here at Pisgah Forest Gem Mine, we do most of the hard work for you.  We ship in mining dirt from all over the world and put it into buckets just for you!   We get material from mines in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Morocco and even local mines across the mountain in Franklin, NC.

Our supply comes from what are called “mine tailings.”  These tailings are what is discarded by jewelry and manufacturing miners at the different mines.  They dig the ore, pick out what they want and then pile up what’s left.  Most of our ore is  good to better quality, but sometimes the miners miss real “Gems!”  We see #1  gem quality Amethyst, Ruby, Citrine and Aquamarine every day.  We also see tons of agate, jasper, sodalite and other minerals, fossils and crystal clusters that make outstanding jewelry.

Family fun and lots of gems
Family fun and lots of gems


What are the 2 main differences between mining with us and a “dig your own mine?”  At our mine, you can go home without getting dirty and you are guaranteed a variety of great gems and minerals in your bucket.

To see our mining in action, check out the video above.  Give us a call if you have more questions.   Come mining with us.  It will be one of the best days you have ever had!




Wildflowers are on their way!


wildflowers of NC

It is almost that time of year.  Wild Flowers will be popping out of the ground here soon in Western North Carolina.  Pink Lady Slippers and Flame Azaleas are some of the first to bloom.  We love to see them coming out and chasing away the cold!   Come by the gem mine and we will send you on a wildflower adventure.  We know a few places you can go to see some gorgeous ones.   If you see some and can take a picture, post them on our FaceBook page at .

Thank You!


Lisa and I would like to say “Thank You” for everyone that has made our first year in business a success!  We have seen some amazing things found this year.  One and two pound sapphires!  Gold in quartz!  Megalodon Teeth!  Those were great finds, but they do not compare to the smiles we have seen on children’s faces… to the looks of satisfaction from parents whose children have just spent an hour without their mobile devices… to the grins on the faces of grandparents and great-grand parents when their grand kids give them huge hugs for taking them mining!

When we opened Pisgah Forest Gem Mine, we had no idea what to expect.  For me, after 25 years in pharmacy, this was no small change.  We could not have done it without a lot of help from our family.  My parents, Ronnie and Susie Waldrop, allowed us to build the mine on their property just minutes from the Pisgah National Forest.  My cousin, Greg, worked like a possessed man to grade the land and squeeze out every possible inch to use for mining.  Matt at Cowee Mountain Gem Mine has been like family to us and has continued to help us along our way.  Our kids, Kaylin, Heather and Nathan became our first employees and they learned the ropes from my right hand man,  Al Quinn.

ALAl is more than a manager here at the mine.   He has taken over the persona of Dudley our mascot and is loved by every child that comes mining.   If it were not for him, many of the things that you see at the mine would not be here.  If you see him, complement his graying beard.   He looks more like Dudley every day!

A huge thanks goes out to my sisters.  Elicia, can take credit for our great website. She has taken it upon herself to make us look good and search high even while she is writing some of the best thrill seeker books out there.  Check out her new book, Soul Summoner, available on  And then there is the family encourager, Steph (Taffy-to those of us who love her most) who constantly calls to encourage and pray for us.

Lastly,  I would like to tell you about the greatest woman on the planet.   She stood beside me when I ended my pharmacy career. She prayed for me as we sought what the Lord wanted us to do and, when I told her that we needed to open a Gem Mine, she didn’t leave!   Lisa Waldrop has been my helpmate for 26 years.  How she stays with me is a testament to her good nature.  Nothing could happen here without her, so when you see her, tell her thank you for me!

Now, for real, I must finish this blog.  To do that, I must again say THANK YOU to every one of our shoppers and miners young and old.  We could not have had a great year without you!  Thank you to all who made our BOGO Winter Special this year!  Keep a watch out for next year, soon after New Years to BOGO again with Pisgah Forest Gem Mine!