Lisa and I would like to say “Thank You” for everyone that has made our first year in business a success!  We have seen some amazing things found this year.  One and two pound sapphires!  Gold in quartz!  Megalodon Teeth!  Those were great finds, but they do not compare to the smiles we have seen on children’s faces… to the looks of satisfaction from parents whose children have just spent an hour without their mobile devices… to the grins on the faces of grandparents and great-grand parents when their grand kids give them huge hugs for taking them mining!

When we opened Pisgah Forest Gem Mine, we had no idea what to expect.  For me, after 25 years in pharmacy, this was no small change.  We could not have done it without a lot of help from our family.  My parents, Ronnie and Susie Waldrop, allowed us to build the mine on their property just minutes from the Pisgah National Forest.  My cousin, Greg, worked like a possessed man to grade the land and squeeze out every possible inch to use for mining.  Matt at Cowee Mountain Gem Mine has been like family to us and has continued to help us along our way.  Our kids, Kaylin, Heather and Nathan became our first employees and they learned the ropes from my right hand man,  Al Quinn.

ALAl is more than a manager here at the mine.   He has taken over the persona of Dudley our mascot and is loved by every child that comes mining.   If it were not for him, many of the things that you see at the mine would not be here.  If you see him, complement his graying beard.   He looks more like Dudley every day!

A huge thanks goes out to my sisters.  Elicia, can take credit for our great website. She has taken it upon herself to make us look good and search high even while she is writing some of the best thrill seeker books out there.  Check out her new book, Soul Summoner, available on Amazon.com.  And then there is the family encourager, Steph (Taffy-to those of us who love her most) who constantly calls to encourage and pray for us.

Lastly,  I would like to tell you about the greatest woman on the planet.   She stood beside me when I ended my pharmacy career. She prayed for me as we sought what the Lord wanted us to do and, when I told her that we needed to open a Gem Mine, she didn’t leave!   Lisa Waldrop has been my helpmate for 26 years.  How she stays with me is a testament to her good nature.  Nothing could happen here without her, so when you see her, tell her thank you for me!

Now, for real, I must finish this blog.  To do that, I must again say THANK YOU to every one of our shoppers and miners young and old.  We could not have had a great year without you!  Thank you to all who made our BOGO Winter Special this year!  Keep a watch out for next year, soon after New Years to BOGO again with Pisgah Forest Gem Mine!


Thank You!